Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ginch Bros

A few days after Gypsy tour i was sitting at my girlfriends parent's house in Virginia when i heard word that a Dudeman and some Ginch Bros where staying at Kenny Horton's house only a few hours away in Newport News, VA. With that combination there was bound to be some fun. I wanted in, Three hours later i was there. The next two days i witnessed bottles though the walls, garrett and dudeman eating three year old chicken, Adam obsessed with finding a cd (i didnt know people still bought cd's), cars breaking down, sick backyard ramps and awesome trails. Thanks again to Kenny, Crandall and the rest of the locals at the trails, and i hope they get the chance to visit us in Austin this winter.

Garrett Guilliams - Newport News, Va

Adam Guilliams - Newport News, Va

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