Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brazos Bend

Last Monday i took a trip out to Brazos Bend state park to hike and take photos of what ever wildlife i could find. I really wanted to take photos of some alligators, luckily this park was full of them, it was also full of poisonous snakes or at least that's what the signs they had posted every where lead you to believe unfortunately the only ones i could find are the harmless yellow banded water snakes. I did however find the elusive (at least to me) Armadillo and after chasing him down had a 15 minute photo shoot. It was a good time and i hope to go to alot more parks and see what i can find.

Yellow banded water snake

The elusive Armadillo (they can actually run pretty fast and make grunting noises like pigs)

American Alligator

1 comment:

TBVO said...

great shots man
i would love the chance to chase
an armadillo..